At Coolblue, we develop product journeys from start to finish that make the customer happy. Go green ties in seamlessly with the most customer-centric product journey, because it leads to higher customer satisfaction and prepares us for the future. We structure our operations efficiently, optimize the value of our waste, and encourage customers to choose for energy-efficient products. We distinguish between 3 focus areas: consumption, waste management, and assortment.


Less is more

We aim to minimize the energy, fuel, and packaging material we use, so that we deliver our orders to our customers in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

Self-generated energy

Our huge warehouse in Tilburg has a solar roof the size of 16 soccer fields. In 2020, we generated enough energy with this roof to provide our entire warehouse and half of our stores with power.


We deliver orders per bike in more than 20 large cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In these cities, we deliver 90% of all small packages by bike.

Greener packaging

We are constantly searching for new ways to make our packaging even greener.

At CoolblueBikes, for example, we introduced the paper shipping bag. This Coolblue bag requires 80% less cardboard and saves space, meaning that we can deliver more orders with a single bike trip.

We also save cardboard by not packing products that already come in sturdy packaging, such as vacuums and printers. In 2020, we shipped no less than 25% of our orders this way.

Lastly, we have made our smallest and most frequently used Coolblue box greener: it is now made of 100% recycled materials. This pays off: in 2020, we used 10% less packaging material per order than in 2019.


We have literally made the roof of our Tilburg warehouse the place to bee, because we installed beehives on it. By doing so, we have given 200,000 bees a new home. The revenue of the honey made by these happy bees will be donated to Stichting Quiet: a charity that fights poverty in Tilburg.

Waste management

Bin there

We make an effort to produce as little waste as possible. At the same time, we get as much value as possible out of the waste we have, by repairing, refurbishing, and recycling the products our customers discarded. In 2020, we collected, separated, and processed 17,000 tonnes of electronic waste as a result.


Whenever a customer orders white goods with us, we take their old appliance with us as a service when we deliver the new one. As a result, we are the largest party to take in white goods in the Benelux. In 2020, we saved approximately 50,000 kilograms of materials every month through refurbishment.

To make even better use of the value of the collected white goods, our experienced repairers restore the appliances to good working order. They do so by checking, repairing, and cleaning. The restored appliances are then sold as budget options on our website. We also work with social institutions so that households with a smaller budget can purchase refurbished white goods. In both cases, the appliances are delivered and installed by our own delivery drivers.

iPhone trade-in

In all our stores we have our iPhone trade-in service. Our customers can hand in their current iPhone to get a discount on a new iPhone. We give them personal advice for choosing the right device and accessories, transfer their data from their old phone to the new one, and make sure that they leave the store with a fully installed, working iPhone. Some of the iPhones we collect this way are given a second life by refurbishing them. The rest is processed in an environmentally friendly manner.


Check it out

We want to offer the most customer-centric product journey and make it as easy as possible for our customers to make sustainable choices. We do so by continuing to include new green products in our assortment and explaining to customers why these products are a green choice.

Coolblue's Green Choice

Products with the Coolblue’s Green Choice label are the best and most energy-efficient products for the customer, according to our product experts. These products have the best customer reviews and a low energy consumption, allowing customers to always make a green choice that makes them happy.

Go social

Best supporting role

We like to go the extra mile for our friends inside and outside Coolblue. For example by sharing our knowledge and resources, and through Coolbluers that actively put themselves out there.

Sharing our knowledge and infrastructure

In 2020, our marketing experts freed some of our ad space which could be used for charities, such as the Red Cross. This way, the charities were able to reach additional people. No less than 6 million people saw their advertisements. We also donated products from our assortment to charities or initiatives with a social purpose. Together with our investor HAL, for example, we made over 3,000 tablets available for students of primary schools in Rotterdam that could really use them.