With over 6,000 Coolbluers, including customer service employees, developers, bike delivery drivers, and solar panel installers, we do anything to deliver our customers a smile. They are fundamental to our success and are part of our unique culture.

Coolblue Careers

Don’t stop me now

We believe in careers rather than jobs, so we place strong emphasis on education and growth. In 2022, we launched an internal platform where Coolbluers can find next-step vacancies. Here, our store employees can take the next step and become team leads, for example, while our delivery drivers can become specialized solar panel installers. We also offer Coolbluers the opportunity to grow within their current field of expertise. To help them with that, we offer internal education and various (online) training courses.


In a collaboration project with ROC Tilburg we have started our own Schuurschool. This is a certified, 2-year training at secondary vocational level that teaches students everything there is to know about logistical processes. The students work in our warehouse from day one of their training, so they also learn in practice. After completing their training, the students get an official certificate, a permanent position at Coolblue, and plenty of opportunities to grow in their career. Our first students graduated in 2022.


At our Suniversity, we train Coolbluers to become solar panel and charging station installers. We teach them all the tricks of the trade and ensure that they learn everything there is to know about safety and providing service with a smile. We recruit these Coolbluers from our own delivery drivers and give them the chance to take the next step in their career.

E-commerce Masterclasses

To take the knowledge about e-commerce within Coolblue to an even higher level, over 100 Coolbluers at our head office started with biweekly masterclasses in 2022. These masterclasses are aimed at improving the customer journeys for our wide range of product types. During these sessions, Coolbluers instantly put their newly obtained knowledge into practice.

Coolblue University

Through our Coolblue University, we offer training courses, e-learning modules, and internal internships. They are taught by Coolbluers or external trainers. To provide more 1-on-1 guidance, we offer a mentorship program. Here, experienced Coolbluers help their colleagues with improving a certain skill.

Want to learn more about working at Coolblue? Go to Careersatcoolblue.com.