Coolblue's emphasis on leading customer journeys and our constant goal of becoming “a little bit better every day” is what has enabled us to become more than just an e-commerce company. Read more about our milestones along the way, listed chronologically below.


First-name basis.

In 1999, from his dorm room, Pieter Zwart (Coolblue’s current CEO) and his friends Paul de Jong and Bart Kuijpers founded what would ultimately become Coolblue. With their first webshop, “”, they already displayed the focus on customer-centric entrepreneurship Coolblue is known for today.


Geographical expansion

Boundless enthusiasm.

In 2004, Coolblue took its first international step with its website offering and deliveries in Belgium.


Physical Stores

Open-door policy.

We know that offline presence enhances the customer journey and increases online sale. That is why by 2008, Coolblue had opened 4 physical stores throughout the Netherlands, thereby establishing a physical footprint in the country.


Brand Values

Blue print.

In 2011, Coolblue formulated the brand values that to this day remain at the center of everything Coolblue does – “friends, flexible, unconventional, and go for it”. In that same year Coolblue also developed the distinctive Coolblue logo and color scheme, further increasing its brand recognition potential.

Our core values.


Professional boxing.

In 2015, Coolblue opened its Central Warehouse in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and continually expanded its capacity. The floor size increased from 13,000 square meters in 2015 to over 88,000 square meters in 2017.

Our warehouse in Tilburg



In 2016, Coolblue launched CoolblueDelivers, its own in-house delivery network and installation service. Our delivery drivers deliver behind the customer's doorstep, up to the 4th floor if necessary. This includes installation and stacking services.

During the chosen time slot, real Coolblue delivery drivers place and install the appliance where the customer needs it, even if this is on the 4th fl


Pedal winners.

In 2018, Coolblue launched CoolblueBikes, its bike delivery network that services up to 90% of Coolblue’s package deliveries in metropolitan areas in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Go Green

Solar panels

Sunny side up.

In 2019, Coolblue launched the sale and installation of solar panels in the Netherlands, which expanded to other energy propositions including charging stations.



Alles für ein Lächeln.

At the end of 2020, Coolblue expanded to Germany by following a regional playbook with a step-by-step approach. We now offer delivery of white goods in North Rhine-Westphalia (through CoolblueDelivers), bike in the Dusseldorf area with CoolblueBikes, and offer parcel deliveries throughout the entire country via our third-party supplier DHL.


Coolblue Energy

Sparks joy.

In the first quarter of 2021, Coolblue completed the acquisition of ServiceHouse, to support the launch of its renewable energy solutions offering: Coolblue Energy.



In 2022, Coolblue acquired the software company Plotwise after years of working together. With their expertise, we can organize our routes more efficiently. This way, we can reduce our CO2 emission and our customers get their packages sooner.

Foundation of the Company
Geographical expansion
Physical Stores
Brand Values
Launch CoolblueDelivers
Launch CoolblueBikes
Solar panels
Coolblue Energy