To offer the most customer-centric product journey, we have built our own digital and physical infrastructure in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. It consists of our website and app, but also our Package Park, our stores, our delivery network, and our installation and customer services.

Package Park

In our Package Park in Tilburg, we store all our products. Coolbluers work together with smart machines, to pick, pack, and ship products. This allows us to deliver on our next-day delivery promise, so that customers never have to wait for their package for long. We ship to our 24 hubs, 25 stores, and millions of customers in 3 countries.

Delivery and installation

In order to have full control over the experience of our customers, we use our own delivery network. From our central warehouse, we send packages to our customers and stores. We deliver white goods and other large products with our 1 and 2-man delivery service. And if customers want us to, our TV and white goods delivery drivers also install the product right away. We deliver smaller packages with our own CoolblueBikes bike delivery service in and around 22 cities.


In our 25 stores, customers can experience products, pick up online orders, and get advice from our experts. We explain specifications, perform repairs, and help customers with returns. And to make shopping even easier, we built an in-store mode for the Coolblue App. Customers use this to sign in upon entry and avoid unnecessary lines. It also allows customers to easily compare products. This way, they immediately have all information at hand.


Our website contains all the information about products, expert advice, and customer reviews. We highlight the best and most energy-efficient products with our “Coolblue’s Choice” and “Coolblue’s Green Choice” labels. This way, we assist customers in making the right choice for them. On the website, customers also have an overview of all their orders and they can check the status of their purchase.

The Coolblue App

With the Coolblue App, over 1 million customers have the best assortment and many more of our service at their fingertips. For example, the app can be used to place an order, compare products, and to see what that new television would look like on the wall at home. After their purchase, customers can easily find their order and see exactly where and when it will be delivered.

Customer service

Customers with questions can contact our multilingual customer service. In the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, they can be reached via phone, email, social media, and our website until midnight. Customers can also look for the answer to their question themselves by going to the frequently asked questions on the customer service page.

Expert teams

We have customer service teams that are specialized in product types, such as washing machines, and phases of the customer journey, such as payments. This allows us to help customers in the best possible way. These experts work from home, which adds to the flexibility and scalability of this service.