In our yearbooks, we show what we've achieved over the past few years. Step by step, we get a little better every day. Want to read our yearbooks? You can find them all here.

2022 Yearbook

2022 was a challenging year. Nevertheless, we managed to achieve a record revenue. We realized considerable growth in Germany and set in motion big improvements to make 2023 the best Coolblue year ever again.

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2021 Yearbook

2021 was an eventful year, but also a year of growth. We opened physical and online stores, including our first store in Germany, and launched Coolblue Energy: the energy company for anyone that wants to reduce their energy consumption. We made many new and existing customers happy, which led us to achieve a turnover of 2.3 billion euros.

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2020 Yearbook

The year in which we learned more than ever, opened online and offline stores, and expanded our energy proposition. Together, we achieved a turnover of 2 billion euros and again made many customers happy, from a distance.

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