Read and greet
Welcome to the Coolblue Yearbook 2023. We are proud to share the results over 2023 and the plans for 2024. I’m very proud of what we achieved during this year: apart from a record revenue, it was also a year of loads of smaller and bigger improvements.

We realized great efficiency enhancements throughout our warehouse and delivery, opened new stores and paved the way for future growth in Germany. With Coolblue Energy we increased new ways to help customers save on their energy bill.

All in all we realized the highest NPS (71) in the history of Coolblue. With these results in mind, we are confident that we can make 2024 the very, very, very best Coolblue year ever.

All that is left for me to say is: thank you. To our customers, who inspire us to do a little bit better every day. To our shareholders, for their support and trust in Coolblue. And to all Coolbluers, who make anything for a smile possible.

With a smile,