Coolblue as an Employer
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Our Coolbluers are the reason we can deliver smiles every day. They each have their own speciality and ambitions, and are all fundamental to our success. We offer them careers rather than jobs, with all the facilities to make their growth possible.

Our Coolbluers

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Our Coolbluers

Entrepreneurial culture

Of great values

Coolblue has a unique entrepreneurial culture that has allowed us to get to where we are today. It consists of core values that are of such value to us, that we even write them on our walls. But more importantly, our culture is what connects us. For this reason, we want to make sure that every Coolbluer feels part of our culture.

Flexibility in the office

Working from home for almost 2 years taught us that there are advantages to remote working. This means the way we envision working at the office also changed. For example, our customer service has started fully working from home. They now meet at the office every month for training and coaching, and to learn from each other during Verwonderwijs. For our other office staff, we recognize that a hybrid way of working introduces new demands to our office. We will open a new office floor in February 2023 where we will pilot various concepts that suit these new needs.

Coolblue careers

Firm belief

We believe in careers rather than jobs. We strongly emphasize training and encourage Coolbluers to take the next step in their career with us. To help them, we offer various educational opportunities and (online) training courses.

Careers website

In 2022, we launched an internal website where Coolbluers can find all available internal vacancies to take the next step in their career. Pieter, our CEO, highlights a Coolbluer who took this next step during his biweekly update. He then also motivates others to take a look at this website, so that every Coolbluer knows where to find their next step.

Coolblue education

An important part of our culture is that we want Coolbluers to do a little bit better every day. For this reason, we offer additional education and training courses at our various internal institutes.


At the Schuurschool, students get a 2-year training at secondary vocational level. It teaches them everything there is to know about logistical processes. In July 2022, our first ever class graduated, while our third class started in September.

E-commerce Masterclasses

To take the knowledge about e-commerce within Coolblue to an even higher level, we launched the E-commerce Masterclasses in the summer of 2022. These are aimed at improving the customer journeys for our wide range of product types. We had 11 masterclasses in 2022 and have 16 more to go in 2023, meaning the over 100 participating Coolbluers are well on their way.


At our Suniversity, we help Coolbluers take the next step in their career by training them to become certified solar panel installers. In 2022, we added a training course for charging station installation. Both courses are taught by Coolbluers and take place at our training institute and in the field.

Coolblue University

Through our Coolblue University, we offer training courses, e-learning modules, internal internships, and more. They are all aimed at various target groups within Coolblue and taught by internal and external trainers. To provide more 1-on-1 guidance, we offer a 3-month mentorship program where experienced Coolbluers help Coolbluers who seek to improve a certain skill. Simultaneously, the mentors get to see the organization from the perspective of their mentee.

Friend shares

Smile exchange

In 2021 and 2022, all Coolbluers who had been working at Coolblue for over a year were awarded Friend Shares. These depositary receipts for shares mean they have their own piece of Coolblue. Now, they are not just Coolbluers, but also Coolblue co-owners.