Coolblue helps employers provide employees with home offices


Today, Coolblue starts its own professional service for home offices. Through this service, employers in the Netherlands and Belgium can provide their employees with an ideal home office.

Today, Coolblue introduces the Coolblue Home Office Store, through which employers can offer their employees home office products in a personalized Coolblue environment. Employers determine the amount of shopping credit and the assortment: ranging from sit-stand desks to headsets. Employees do not have to advance the costs for the home office products or declare them afterwards. Moreover, they can use all services Coolblue offers. Employees get advice, can swap products, and even have them repaired if necessary. And of course, “ordered today, delivered tomorrow" applies to their orders as well.

Pieter Zwart, Coolblue Founder: “We have something new at Coolblue: Home Office Stores. With them, we help employers create the ideal home office for their employees. By now, we have built several dozen already. Including for ING, Leaseplan, Tony’s Chocolonely, and many others.”

Coolblue wants to provide even more employers with their own Home Office Store and will later also install home offices themselves and gear them to the correct posture of the employees. For more information, visit Coolblue.nl/Thuiswerkwinkel.

About Coolblue

Coolblue is the most customer-oriented company in the Netherlands and Belgium (with a Net Promoter Score of 68). The online retailer sells consumer products in 10 categories, ranging from Image & Sound, Telephony, Computer & Tablets, to Household & Living. Coolblue has its own delivery and installation service, and has 14 physical stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2019, Coolblue achieved a turnover of 1.5 billion euros.