Coolblue starts supplying energy


Today, Coolblue starts selling and supplying Coolblue Energy. This way, the e-commerce company will help customers reduce their energy consumption.

Today, Coolblue starts selling and supplying energy. To this end, the e-commerce company has acquired the energy company ServiceHouse*. Coolblue Energy supplies CO2-compensated gas and Dutch energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines.

Pieter Zwart, Coolblue Founder, explains: “By helping customers consume less energy, this becomes both greener and cheaper. Anyone who would like to get energy with a smile, can switch to Coolblue Energy as of today.”

Customers already rely on Coolblue for the purchase and installation of solar panels to generate their own energy. They can also order virtually anything that has a power plug or can be charged. As a result, the e-commerce company knows very well how much energy these appliances consume and how customers can save energy. Coolblue applies this knowledge to make even more customers happy.

Coolblue Energy customers are given insight into their consumption, advice about how they can save energy, and exclusive discounts on energy-efficient and energy-saving products, ranging from smart thermostats to dryers. And of course, they also receive discounts on Coolblue solar panels and charging stations. For more information about Coolblue Energy, visit Coolblue.nl/energie.

*This transaction is subject to the approval of the relevant regulators.

About Coolblue

Coolblue is a leading and fast-growing ecommerce company, operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. It offers leading customer journeys that go beyond the customer’s doorstep, ranging from laptops to white goods to corporate service, and to a growing energy proposition. Coolblue has a fully-owned infrastructure, which consists of its own customer service, warehouse, delivery and installation services, repair services and a network of 15 physical stores.