Coolblue achieves revenue of 2 billion euros


Today, Coolblue publishes its results for 2020. The e-commerce company achieved a revenue of 2 billion euros (+34%) and a result (EBITDA) of 114 million euros, which is 66 million euros more than last year. Most of all, this was achieved by making very many customers happy (NPS = 68).

Large demand for Home Office Stores

In 2020, many employers were looking for solutions for home offices. For this reason, Coolblue introduced the Home Office Stores: our own service through which employers in the Netherlands and in Belgium have already provided over 48,000 employees with a comfortable home office.

Expansion of stores and bike delivery network

Coolblue also significantly expanded its own infrastructure last year by opening Coolblue stores in Leiden, Hasselt, and its flagship store in Brussels. The expansion of the bike delivery network was accelerated as well: by now, orders are delivered to customers in over 20 cities by bike and in a paper shipping bag.

Solar panels, charging stations, and Coolblue Energy

In 2020, Coolblue also invested heavily in new propositions. Next to solar panels and charging stations, customers can now also rely on Coolblue for the supply of Coolblue Energy. Through this proposition, the e-commerce company will help customers reduce their energy consumption.

Step to Germany

Last year, Coolblue successfully expanded its infrastructure beyond the German border. The e-commerce company has greatly expanded its own delivery network, installation services, and bike delivery network in the North Rhine-Westphalia. Soon, a physical store will follow.

Plans for 2021

Pieter Zwart, Coolblue Founder, explains: “2021 is simply going to be the absolute best Coolblue year ever. We are going to open new stores, invest in the warehouse of the future, and expand our charging stations, solar panels, and Coolblue Energy. Additionally, we want to open even more Home Office Stores and of course make as many customers happy as possible, in Germany as well. 2020 was an unusual year, and I would like to thank all our customers and 6,000 Coolbluers for that.”

Results for 2020

  • The revenue grew from 1.5 to 2 billion euros
  • The result (EBITDA) increased from 48 to 114 million euros.
  • The customer satisfaction: an NPS of 68 (+0)

* Not yet audited

About Coolblue

Coolblue is a leading and fast-growing ecommerce company, operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. It offers leading customer journeys that go beyond the customer’s doorstep, ranging from laptops to white goods to corporate service, and to a growing energy proposition. Coolblue has a fully-owned infrastructure, which consists of its own customer service, warehouse, delivery and installation services, repair services and a network of 15 physical stores.